ISRA Consulting Acknowledged As Best Islamic Consultancy Firm For 4th Consecutive Year – INCEIF

ISRA Consulting Acknowledged As Best Islamic Consultancy Firm For 4th Consecutive Year


Kuala Lumpur, 14 Oct 2022 – ISRA Consulting, the consulting subsidiary of INCEIF, is voted as the Best Islamic Consulting Firm for the fourth year in a row in an international poll conducted by leading Islamic finance news portal, Islamic Finance News (IFN).

ISRA Consulting defended its Best Islamic Consultancy Firm title with 21% of the

votes, followed by IBFIM (20%) and Amanie Advisory (11%). The IFN Service Providers Poll is unique in its recognition of the vital role that third parties and service providers play in smoothing the path for Islamic finance and setting the benchmark for its ongoing quality, consistency and creativity by supporting the underlying operations that are crucial to its success.

2022 is a record year for the IFN Service Providers Poll as it saw a 70% year-onyear surge in voter participation. Over 8,800 votes from industry practitioners, investors and corporates were received from all over the world, the highest number of votes cast in the poll’s 17-year history. This year also has been most exciting for contenders as it was particularly hypercompetitive, compelling reigning champions to fight tooth and nail in defence of their titles as rivals fought valiantly narrowing the margin to victory by a mere hair’s breadth, IFN said.

ISRA Consulting has prepared Islamic finance related acts and guidelines for a number of countries and central banks and conducted Shariah review and audit exercise. In over a decade, it has built a strong network both locally and globally with its strategic alliances as a group under INCEIF and ISRA (International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance) as well as its affiliation with Bank Negara Malaysia.

ISRA Consulting CEO Prof Dr Ashraf Md Hashim said: “First and foremost, Alhamdulillah. I am also taking this opportunity to thank all our clients around the globe that have given us the opportunity to serve them. The award also goes to all IC staff for their hard work, and the INCEIF and ISRA staff at large for all their support. Indeed, the award has reminded us to never rest on our laurels, and work harder to always deliver the best, InShaAllah.”




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