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INCEIF University Holds Qurban On Campus


Kuala Lumpur, 2 July 2023 –INCEIF University’s covered car park on campus was a hive of activity today as more than 80 participants of our inaugural Qurban programme got to work to process and pack meat from the Qurban of several of our staff, students and alumni. They were joined by the University’s USR partners from Yayasan Chow Kit and members from the Sudanese and Somalian refugee communities in the Klang Valley. As this was the first that the University held a Qurban programme on campus, the number of Qurban cows was kept to the manageable 3 which were slaughtered at the cow farm in Kapar, Selangor.

A total of 117 packs of meat were distributed to the attendees. The YCK guests expressed their gratefulness to INCEIF for including them as recipients of the meat; it was their first time receiving Qurban meat as part of the YCK community. The non-profit organisation, located 3.6km from the University, caters to the needs of at-risk disadvantaged children and teenagers as well as disadvantaged B40 families around Chow Kit in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre.



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