Iftar Gathering On Campus – INCEIF

Iftar Gathering On Campus


INCEIF Campus, 18 March 2024 – INCEIF University tonight hosted its second Iftar gathering on campus for over 200 students, alumni, staff and members of the Governing Bodies. Congregational Maghrib, Isya’ and tarawih prayers were also held on campus.

Organised by the Alumni Office, the gathering saw the INCEIF community from diverse background and nationalities having a `reunion’ in the blessed month of Ramadan where Muslims are encouraged to increase their good deeds, particularly providing food and beverages for those who fasted to break fast. It was an opportunity for the INCEIF community to strengthen the bond between staff, faculty members, students and alumni. Joining the attendees were INCEIF Chairman Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and President & CEO Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr Azmi Omar.

Twenty children between 7 and 12 years old from Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) were also part of the guests for the Iftar. The non-profit organisation, located 3.6km from the University, caters to the needs of at-risk disadvantaged children and teenagers as well as disadvantaged B40 families around Chow Kit in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre. The children each received a basket of food essentials, INCEIF bag pack and duit Raya, all made available from the funds donated by INCEIF staff organised by the University Social Responsibility Unit.

Before leaving the campus, the children expressed their gratefulness to INCEIF for including them in the Iftar as well as the duit Raya by performing a short `Thank You’ song with the word thank you sung in different languages including Mandarin. As part of INCEIF’s long-term plan to cultivate meaningful relationships with the neighbourhood communities, the YCK children and their guardians have been the university’s guests on a number of occasions including as recipients of Qurban meat at `INCEIF Qurban On Campus’ event last year.

Earlier in the day, former Education Minister of Malaysia, Dr Maszlee Malik was the guest speaker at a special session with students, staff and members of the Governing Bodies where he shared his thoughts and lessons from the battle of  Badr with a talk on `Ramadan: The Ibrah of Badr’. Dr Maszlee, who is a prolific author, also generously donated nine books, authored or co-authored by him, to INCEIF KMC.



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