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Prof Dr Ashraf Md Hashim’s New Role At INCEIF University


INCEIF University Kuala Lumpur, 1 May 2024 – INCEIF University is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof Dr Ashraf Md Hashim as a Professor, effective today. The appointment is in recognition of his expertise and invaluable contributions to the industry.

Prof Dr Ashraf officially ended his contract as the Deputy President Research/ Executive Director at INCEIF’s research arm, ISRA Research Management Centre, in April this year. Prior to this, he was the founding CEO of ISRA Consulting. Throughout his commendable tenure, he has left an indelible mark on the organisation’s journey, contributing significantly to the collective success in particular in his leading role at ISRA Consulting.

Prof Ashraf has continued to share his expertise with the Islamic finance and related industries in his many roles including as the Chairman of Bank Negara Malaysia’s Shariah Advisory Council; a member of Shariah Advisory Council of Securities Commission, Malaysia; a member of National Fatwa Council of Malaysia; a board member of Tabung Haji and its Chairman of Shariah Board. He remains actively involved in a number of consultancies works related to Islamic finance abroad, among others, as a member of the Shariah Board for Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Standard Chartered Bank in the United Arab Emirates; and Noor Takaful Nigeria (Chairman of Advisory Council of Experts).

Prof Dr Ashraf obtained his PhD (Islamic Law) from University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (1999), his Masters in Fiqh and Usul Fiqh from University of Jordan (1995) and his BA in Shariah from Islamic University in Medina, Saudi Arabia (1991). He is also a holder of Postgraduate Diploma in Shariah Law and Practice (DSLP) from International Islamic University Malaysia (2000).




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