Micro-Certification from MBA (Sustainable Business)

Micro-Certification from MBA
(Sustainable Business)
14 Weeks (Jan and Sept)   or   8 Weeks (June)
Face to Face

Why this course

INCEIF Micro-Certification programme offers the convenience of a personalised education at your own pace. Learners embark on a continuous upskilling journey without the worry of a long-term commitment while maintaining a work-life balance. Another advantage is the opportunity to add on courses, and eventually be awarded with a full-fledged Masters programme.

INCEIF Micro-Certification MBA (Sustainable business) is a face-to-face programme that allows learners the opportunity to interact with seasoned leaders where invited industry speakers share on the practical aspects of Islamic Finance and sustainable business.

This programme aims to impart the know-how of various aspects of Islamic finance, allowing learners to discover opportunities and pathway towards inclusive and sustainable solutions.

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Course information

  • Proficiency Language
    Intermediate English Language Proficiency

  • Numeracy
    Ability to access, use, interpret and communicate mathematical information

Study Fee (Compulsory) per subject (3CH)RM2,640RM3,080

* Students to pay other fees required by Malaysian authorities

* INCEIF reserves the right to change the fees without prior notice

List of Courses
  • Managing People and Organisations
    MC Code: MC5013
  • Financial Analysis and Valuation
    MC Code: MC5023
  • Data Analytics for Business
    MC Code: MC5033
  • Ethics and Professionalism
    MC Code: MC5043
  • Marketing Management and Strategy
    MC Code: MC5053
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    MC Code: MC5063
  • Business Strategy and Policy
    MC Code: MC5073
  • Sustainability Management and Investment
    MC Code: MC5083
  • Managing Halal Products and Services
    MC Code: MC5093
  • Audit and Compliance
    MC Code: MC5103
  • Business Economics
    MC Code: MC5113
  • Social Finance
    MC Code: MC5123
  • Islamic Capital Market
    MC Code: MC5133
  • Portfolio Management
    MC Code: MC5143
  • Monetary Economics
    MC Code: MC5153
  • Risk Management in Islamic Banks
    MC Code: MC5163
  • International Finance
    MC Code: MC5173
  • Accounting for Islamic Financial Transactions
    MC Code: MC5183
  • Islamic Insurance
    MC Code: MC5193
  • Financial Modeling
    MC Code: MC5213
  • Wealth Planning Management
    MC Code: MC5223
  • Islamic Banking Practices
    MC Code: MC5233

    Applicants can apply via online at https://apply.inceif.org/online-application, proceed to create a new account and fill the prescribed forms. You may contact our education counsellors via live chat or email to [email protected] if you have any questions.

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