Hamidi A Razak – INCEIF

: Mr Hamidi A. Razak
: Chief Risk Officer at Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd

INCEIF welcomes Mr Hamidi A. Razak, the Chief Risk Officer at Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd, as an Adjunct Professor. At the bank, he plays a crucial role in overseeing and managing its risk-related activities. Prior to joining Bank Muamalat, he was the Assistant Vice President, Financial Risk Management, at Bursa Malaysia, and before that, he was with BNM. With nearly 14 years of experience in the banking industry, focusing on risk management, Mr Hamidi has carved the expertise in safeguarding financial institutions against potential risks and uncertainties. He holds BSc (Actuarial Science) from National University of Malaysia and Master in Business Administration (with Distinction) from University of Malaya.

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