An Investment In Human Capital

As the world’s first and only university dedicated to Islamic Finance, INCEIF is committed to deliver talent and expertise for the growing global Islamic financial services industry. Backed by a faculty that comprises pioneering academicians and industry players who jointly address issues relating to innovation and leadership within the industry, INCEIF ensures its academic programmes and graduates stay at the forefront of the industry. To achieve this aspiration, we require the support from everyone, be it from the financial industry, the academia or the man on the street, to build this legacy of sustainable, distinctive excellence alongside us.

Towards this, INCEIF has set up the INCEIF Endowment Fund (IEF). By gifting to the IEF, you will be a part of the journey that will open windows of opportunity for Islamic Finance talents to instil ethical values in the global financial arena. Your endowment is one way of creating a legacy that provides benefits to students and faculty year after year, generation after generation.

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