About CoE ISF

Islamic Social Finance tools have been instrumental in the alleviation of poverty and socio-economic development for over 1,400 years. Among the instruments available in Islamic social finance (ISF) to achieve this are Zakat, Waqf and Sadaqa (charity) which have been adopted and applied even outside the Islamic world. The instruments are used to provide education and healthcare, develop infrastructure and maintain social welfare provisions for the poor and destitute.

Centre of Excellence in Islamic Social Finance (CoEISF) was established to coordinate, develop and put into effect INCEIF initiatives towards financial inclusion for all, as well as supporting United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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To be the global thought leader in Islamic Social Finance.


  • To provide social impact driven research in Islamic Social Finance.

  • To develop innovative Islamic Social Finance products and services for the industry by leveraging on fintech.

  • To generate revenue streams for long term sustainability.


Generate Revenue & Transfer Knowledge

To generate revenue and transfer knowledge in the services
offered related to Islamic Social Finance

Referral Point/Centre

To be the referral point/centre in Islamic Social Finance research

Develop Talent

To develop talent in Islamic Social Finance for the
continuity and sustainability of the centre
as well as meet the need of the country

Spearhead Strategic Partnership

To spearhead strategic partnership between institutions
of higher learning and related industry player in
Islamic Social Finance