1 Pre-Emergency Fund based on Islamic Social Finance (ISF): Phase 1
2 Harnessing society’s risk manager and sharer through Value-based Intermediation (VBI) for the takaful industry in Malaysia
  • Value-Based Intermediation For Takaful (VBIT) Framework
3 The VBI Financing and investment Impact Assessment Framework (VBIAF)
4 Exploring the feasibility of Innovative Financing and Investment platform and Business Models to Realize the Potential of Renewable Energy Efficiency in Malaysia
5 Demonstrating the impact and achievement of MTDC in Creating Sustainable Technopreneurs
6 Collaborative projects with the International Federal of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
  • Designing a Model for Pre and Post Disaster Response- Applying Islamic Social Finance
  • Islamic Social Finance: Environmental and Perceptions and becoming a Bonam Fide Amil: Finding Solutions for the Pakistani Red Crescent
7 Roundtable on Waqf: Maximising Social Impact Through Waqf Solutions
8 Brand Visibility, Market Penetration and Product Innovation
9 Harnessing the Islamic Social Finance Tools to Develop Innovative Finance Products
10 Value Based Takaful Research and Development
11 Synergyzing Waqf Ecosystem In Malaysia Islamic Social Finance: Measuring The Impact Of 'Benefidonors' Utilising The Digital Platform In Enhancing Sustainable