China needs to avoid being the next Japan

There was a time in the 1960s when, following many years of very impressive growth, the bet was on the Soviet Union overtaking the US to become the world’s largest […]

AAOIFI enhances Shariah compliance and fiduciary ratings of Sukuk

In a new exposure draft (AGEB 2/2022 v.10.0) of the AAOIFI Governance Standard (GS), AAOIFI provided rating agencies with guidelines for evaluating the Shariah compliance and fiduciary rating of Sukuk and other Islamic finance instruments. The exposure draft […]

Malaysia issues ‘Risk Management in Technology’ policy document

Prof Dr Younes Soualhi reviewed Malaysia’s `Risk Management in Technology’ policy document in his latest article in the Islamic Finance News portal.

My Say: Widening distrust of globalisation could herald economic fragmentation

It was the Ricardian theory of comparative advantage that provided the rationale for why nations should trade among themselves and how it can be beneficial to all. Steady growth in […]

Emerging markets can benefit as the West decouples from China

For at least the last two decades, a presence in China was seen by Western firms as a distinct competitive advantage over their peers. Now, all that seems to be […]

Shariah governance practices in the global Islamic finance industry

Islamic finance is still growing at a double-digit pace, making new inroads in the MENA region and Africa. Countries adopting Islamic finance have embarked on developing legal and regulatory frameworks […]

Benarkah kenaikan OPR punca muflis?

Kebelakangan ini Overnight Policy Rate (OPR), sering dikaitkan dengan muflis, namun ianya kurang tepat dan agak mengelirukan. Saban kali saya dah mengulas perkara ini, OPR adalah salah satu instrumen mengawal […]

Lessons learnt and not learnt from the Asian Financial Crisis

Exactly 25 years ago last month, East Asia went through its worst financial crisis. Several countries, particularly Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and the Philippines, were hit. What began as […]

Don’t Mess with Monetary Policy

The decision by Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) on July 6 to increase the overnight policy rate (OPR) by 25 basis points, which is the second this year after the increase […]