Bootstrapping For Startup

22 November 2018 – As part of INCEIF’s Talk series, Dr. Jamal Nassar held a talk entitled Bootstrapping for Startup. He is a consulting trainer, a speaker, and an author. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Islamic Finance from INCEIF.

He has over 16 years of international experience. Jamal has worked for and consulted with global corporations and international organizations around South East Asia and the Middle East. His clients include MACRON, Pfizer, GSK, HSBC, CHANNEL and other global corporations.

This month he release his new book titled: “TECHNOPRENEURSHIP, FINANCING AND STARTUPS ECOSYSTEM: HOW MALAYSIA IS CREATING ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY”. His interests are in incubating early-stage startups and working entrepreneurs to raise funds and solve problems.

Jamal is also a youth leadership trainer. He is a certified NLP practitioner, and hold IT International certifications from Amazon AWS, Microsoft, Cisco, D-Link, Alcatel-Lucent among others.

Presentation materials for the talk can be found here: Bootstrapping for Startups JN 1.1

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