Cryptocurrency Hype, a Technical Coverage

29 November 2018 –  As part of INCEIF’s Talk series, Dr. Jamal Nassar, INCEIF PhD graduate, held a talk entitled Cryptocurrency Hype, a Technical Coverage.

The purpose of this talk is to provide a practical coverage of Crypto beyond theoretical framework. The talk covers major classifications of Cryptocurrency in the market today nad platforms that trade them. The talk also highlights some unusual success stories, Crypto Fund and the innovation behind them. The talk address the following points:

  1. Know the major classifications in Cryptocurrency
  2. Major platforms that trade Cryptocurrency
  3. Innovation within Crypto, some case studies
  4. Major Crypto Fund in the market today
  5. Technical Charts, can they predict the future for Cryptocurrency?

Presentation materials for the talk can be found here: Cryptocurrency JN 1.1

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