4th Annual Symposium on Islamic Finance: Panel Discussion 2 – SDG 2 “Responsible Agriculture Investment Strategies”


The second panel discussion session explores on responsible agriculture investment strategies and how Islamic finance can abolish hunger, with key points as below:

• How can Islamic finance pro-invest in raising productivity of small farm agriculture?
• How can Islamic finance help to build resilience to climate change to secure food supply and food security?
• How can Islamic finance improve access to markets and strength capacity?
• How can Islamic finance promote health and affordable food?
• How to leverage Islamic finance for infrastructure investment for food security?
• How do we industrialize agriculture in Muslim world without burdening farmers or peasants with debt?


The presenters and their respective presentation slides are as follows:


  • Prof. Dr. Sayed Azam-Ali, Chief Executive Officer, Crops for the Future (CFF) (Prof. Dr. Sayed Azam-Ali slides)
  • Abou M. S. Jallow, General Manager of Operations, International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC)
  • Dr. Bashir Jama Adan, Lead, Food Security Specialist, Agriculture and Rural Development Department, Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) (Dr. Bashir Jama Adan slides)
  • Syed Alwi Mohamed Sultan, Chief Executive Officer, Agrobank Malaysia (Syed Alwi Mohamed Sultan slides)

The session is moderated by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Azmi Omar, President & CEO of INCEIF.

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