Issues in Islamic banking and finance: Islamic banks, Shari’ah-compliant investment and sukuk


• An introductory article to the special issue: Islamic Banking and Finance II
• Place the papers in the issue in the perspectives of existing literature
• Highlight future directions of research

This introductory article of the special issue “Islamic Banking and Finance II” highlights various studies on fast-growing Islamic finance industry. It focuses specifically on Islamic banking and Islamic capital market research. To date, scholarly research on Islamic finance is mainly confined to empirical verification of its performance on the argument that the Islamic finance is distinct from conventional finance. While more works need to be done to soundly and concretely justify the viability of Islamic finance, future works should aim at placing the Islamic foundations of the industry in proper theoretical settings beyond the statement that it is different. In addition, theoretically and empirically, demonstration of its bearings on economic well-beings and policies such as economic stability, financial inclusion, economic development, and stabilization policies is needed.



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