Islamic financial wealth management: empowering women in Islamic societies


The gender gap in Islamic wealth management is an area often not discussed as some perceive Islam as a religion that bans women from acquiring and managing wealth separately from the men in their life. Therefore, this paper aims to explore the economic status of women from an Islamic perspective by examining the relevant literature. Drawing from the Malaysian context, this paper illustrates the gender gap in financial inclusion and also looks at market opportunities to empower women financially. This is a conceptual paper grounded in religious texts, academic publications and statistics published by authoritative bodies. The paper clarifies the general concept of Islamic wealth management and the economic status of women according to the Shariah perspective. Moreover, the paper also discusses certain products offered by Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) which women can channel their savings into.


Islamic wealth management, Islamic finance, Women, Financial inclusion, Gender equality


Mahadi, Nurul Arifah and Mazli, Siti Aishah and Muneeza, Aishath. (2019). Islamic financial wealth management: empowering women in Islamic societies. International Journal of Management and Applied Research, 6 (3), pp. 116-129.



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