Whistleblowing Policy – INCEIF

Whistleblowing Policy

Report Malpractice or Misconduct

  • INCEIF’s Whistleblowing Policy is designed to encourage employees, suppliers, service provider, agents, members, graduate, students and affiliates of INCEIF Group (External Parties) to report alleged malpractice or misconduct, to ensure that all allegations are thoroughly investigated, and suitable action taken where necessary. Any whistleblowing employee is protected against adverse employment actions (discharge, demotion, suspension, harassment, or other forms of discrimination) for raising allegations of malpractice or misconduct. An employee or external party is protected even if the allegations prove to be incorrect or unsubstantiated. Every effort will be made to protect the anonymity of the whistleblower and all disclosures will be treated in the strictest confidence.

  • If you have any misconduct or alleged misconduct to report, please fill up this form and email to [email protected]

  • For more information, kindly click on Whistleblowing Policy that stipulates the guideline for all INCEIF employees and external parties in addressing/disclosing improper conduct.

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