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The Student Referral Scheme is an initiative to have students, alumni and staff be actively involved in student recruitment. We believe that our students, alumni and staff are reliable referrers, and we can count on them to refer remarkable potential students for our academic programmes.

The scheme is open to all INCEIF students, alumni and staff who refer NEW students to us. New students refer to candidates that have yet to enrol at INCEIF.

If the candidate referred by the referrer:

  • is successful in his/her application
  • registers, and
  • pays for the requisite fees and begins his/her academic programme with INCEIF,

the referrer stands to receive RM800 per successful enrolment for all INCEIF programmes, except for Micro-Certification from eMIF, Micro-Certification from MBA (Sustainable Business), Professional Certificate (eMIF), Professional Certificate (MBA (Sustainable Business)) and INCEIF Scholarship/Bursary recipients.

How does it work?


To participate, a referrer must providing the name and contact information of candidates who may be interested in enrolling at INCEIF. The referral form must include the name, email address and application ID (if any) of the candidate and also the details of the referee.

Step 1
Step 2


A referrer may refer to INCEIF as many candidates as he or she likes, but the referrer may only be rewarded once the candidate has begun his/her programme at INCEIF, i.e. the candidate is successful in his/her application, admission is given and the candidate pays the necessary dues to INCEIF prior to programme commencement.


Following the referred student's registration at INCEIF your payment will be awarded to you within thirty (30) days after full settlement of fees billed in the first semester.

Step 3

Note: The processing of your personal data is subject to International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF)’s Privacy Policy, as published on INCEIF’s website.

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