Take advantage of an enriching learning experience while immersing yourself in our vibrant Malaysian culture.
Here are some tips to prepare you for a smooth journey to Malaysia

1. Get your documents ready

Make sure that your visa and passport are ready, and also bring along your required INCEIF's documents.

2. Book your flight + Arrange for airport pickup

It’s prudent to arrive 2 weeks before your course begins to give yourself enough time to prepare for your new lifestyle. We also provide airport pick-up, or you can take a metered taxi from the airport.

3. Look for a place to stay

If you want to skip the hassle of daily commute, check out our on-campus accommodation, or we can assist you in sourcing accommodation within the vicinity of the campus.

4. Pack up

Don't forget to pack essentials like clothes, toiletries and your documents. Bring somethings to remind you of home, like your favourite food or keepsakes.

5. Prep some cash

Prepare approximately USD500 per month to cover your living expenses (excluding accommodation and fees). Have some Malaysian Ringgit on you when you arrive to pay for transport and food.

6. Life in Kuala Lumpur

Get familiar with getting around KL, Malaysian culture (and the food), as well as fun things to do while you are in Malaysia.

1. Get to your new home

If you didn’t book an airport transfer, you can hail a metered airport taxi or buy a taxi ride from the counter at the airport.

2. Pick up a mobile plan

Before you leave the airport, you may want to sign up for a mobile plan to get connected right away. You’ll find these at the airport.

3. Insurance Coverage

Medical Insurance Cover is compulsory and organized for International students by the Education Malaysia Global Services(EMGS).

4. Open a bank account

We recommend opening a bank account as soon as you can to start managing your money. Do keep some cash on hand though!

5. Buy a transportation pass

If you plan on commuting a fair bit, it’s best to apply for a Touch N Go transportation pass. You’ll be using this for all forms of public transportation in Malaysia. Remember to ask for student concessions!

6. Attend our orientation programme

Lastly, you don’t want to miss out on our orientation week. Here, we’ll get you started on your new student life. You’ll also meet new people, discover out-of-classroom activities and more.

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