i-Connect Fintech in Islamic Finance is an industry-led collaborative network that involves quadruple helix (industry, research community, government and civil society) to create and nurture a conducive innovation ecosystem in Malaysia towards increasing disruptive innovation in Fintech in Islamic Finance.

The i-Connect Fintech in Islamic Finance is helmed by 18 founding members who represent the industry, academia, government and civil society. The initiative aims to develop home-grown high-value innovations in fintech for Islamic Finance by bridging the gap between R&D and business through Knowledge-based Innovation to address the pain points that require demand-driven R&D through:

  • Establish a collaboration network for disruptive innovation (new product/ service/business models) in Fintech in Islamic Finance for Malaysia to leverage new economic opportunities to serve emerging markets and to expand its global reach;
  • Invite research community and Islamic fintech players to apply for Grant focused on deployment phase


Intended to be used to develop disruptive solutions using one or more of the sciences and technology drivers.

The Grant is intended to be used to bridge the gap that often exists among Research, Development and Deployment phases.

Grant applicant must fund at least 50% of the total project cost.

Who can take part in our program?

Merit Criteria

  • The initial technology readiness level of the project shall be between TRL 3 to TRL 9 inclusively. Priority given to TRL 6 and above
  • Alignment with the 10-10 MySTIE Framework
  • Demonstration of Advanced Characteristics
    – Advanced knowledge
    – Advanced process
    – Business model innovation

Application for Fund

How To Apply?